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SP Concierge

The additional service we have always provided our clients, now has a name: SP Concierge. We will help your home reach its full potential & raise its value on the market.

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Since 2014, Santiago Properties has been helping clients in Greater Grand Rapids and surrounding areas prepare homes for the market. We finally decided to give those services a name. Our Concierge Program offers a grouping of services including aesthetic improvements, deep cleaning, landscaping, staging and more. We work with you to determine every point at which we can raise the value of your home. A conversation with you to understand your desired goals and outcomes is step one. Next Santiago does a thorough walk through your property to determine its potential. He will then put together and present to you a few optional methods for making it all come together.

Sell my home in Grand Rapids

Once we have determined the necessary enhancements and your desired budget set in place, Santiago Properties will cover all upfront costs, collecting payment for the services rendered at the time of the property's closing.

Why are we offering this?

We find that all of our clients want to get the most value out of their home, but sometimes doing home updates is easier said than done and some clients were having a challenging time making it happen whether because of time constraints or financial set backs. By investing in your home's potential, we aim to provide a swifter, more profitable sale. When you win, we win.




Sell my home for most money

What Single family Grandville
Story Client wanted to elevate their home value while keeping the cost to a minimum.
Concierge Santiago Properties provided a home analysis based on the owners desired outcomes and then handled all of the arrangements for contractor services to elevate the home’s value.

Result $3500 in updates resulted in the client getting approximately $15,000 more when we sold their home.

Best Santiago Properties

What 2018 Kitchen Remodel
Story In recent years, this particular client had relocated their family to live in France. In 2018 they decided it was time to sell their home here in Michigan.
Concierge We managed all of their home updates and for roughly $7,700 (kitchen, new carpet, paint, cleaning, and misc. repairs)

Result This home that originally valued at $185K ended up selling for $220K.



SP Concierge Services include

Aesthetic Repairs
Deep Cleaning
Power Washing
Yard Clean-up
Light Landscaping
Pest Control (termites)
Mold Remediation



What are the costs?

When the sale closes, Santiago Properties will invoice you for the total cost of work covered throughout the process, and that’s it! There are no added costs or interest owed to us.


Tailored to you

Our program is very flexible. We created SP Concierge to be easy and convenient and aligned with your goals.


Am I qualified for this program?

There is one way to find out: call Santiago today to discuss your eligibility. 616-337-0561