Sunday, October 21st | 2:00 pm

Facebook Live Meet-up

Santiago Gomez of Santiago Properties is teaming up with Chris Dennison of Mortgage1 to host a virtual pop-up "Ask the Realtor and Lender" session. To join, head to our facebook page at 2:00PM on October 21st!

Different people have different circumstances. You may be interested in buying a home, but not so much the selling side of things, or perhaps you want to sell your home and start investing in income properties- we are outlining our discussion below so that you can be sure to tune in at a point where we’re talking about what you’re interested in.

Questions about how it will all work? Email Nicole at and she will be happy to help!

Best Grand Rapids Realtor Santiago


First Time
home buyers

5 min + 5 min
for questions

If you’re a first time home buyer, listen in to learn what to expect when searching for your first home. Santiago will be talking about a buyers vs. sellers market and how those terms apply to the current real estate market in Grand Rapids. Then Chris is going to talk credit and getting pre-approved as well as the difference between getting pre-qualified and getting pre-approved.


Next home

5 min + 5 min
for questions

Do you need to make a jump between homes- selling your current home and purchasing a new home? You’ll want to tune in to this portion. Chris will be discussing getting pre-approved without having to sell your home as well as FHA guidelines and stipulations. Then Santiago has a story to share with you about what he did to help a family make the jump.


Investors and
Income properties

5 min + 5 min
for questions

Lately in Grand Rapids the really good investment properties go QUICK. As with all buyers, the best thing you can do is to be prepared. Santiago and Chris will tell you what you can do to make sure you’re prepared to put in offers on investment properties, how to identify a good investment property, and some of the different loans that are available to investors.


If you’d like to submit your questions ahead of time, we’ll be sure to cover it in our discussion. We will be taking questions live as well.